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Riley Catches Up With Guide Dogs Queensland

Riley talks about his fundraising plans as a Guide Dogs Queensland Youth Ambassador and the upcoming PAWGUST 2020

Riley Chats with Tim Davies on The Today Show

Riley & Tim Davies talk about PAWGUST fundraising with a dog on The Today Show. 

Riley Meets Everald Compton

Riley and the wonderful Everald Compton chat about pet-care and Seniors.


Channel 10's Totally Wild

We had a fantastic afternoon filming with Emily Dickson and Totally Wild for a feature about kids with cool jobs. Watch this space for the air date.

The Sunday Mail

A photo-shoot with the Sunday Mail and some of our favourite furry friends!


Guide Dogs Queensland

We had the most amazing time visiting Guide Dogs Queensland to learn about the amazing work they do. Read the full article at the link below.

St. Paul's School

St. Paul's School has supported, encouraged and advised Riley and Creature Cadets at every step of our journey. Balancing a busy school life with Creature Cadets has been challenging. We have succeeded because of, rather than in spite of, St. Paul's School. Read their article on Creature Cadets here.

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