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Not your average doggo


  1. Dingoes are an apex predator and Australia's largest land carnivore.

  2. Dingoes rarely bark. They prefer to howwwwl!

  3. The longest fence in the world (it's more than 5600km long) is in Australia. It was built to stop dingoes getting onto sheep farms.

  4. The dingo's been in Australia for a little while (about 4000 years!), but it's not native (let's call them nearly-native). They are thought to have been introduced by seafarers from Asia.

  5. Dingoes have been known to climb trees!


The dingo is a wild dog that is found in Australia and Southeast Asia. The dingo has a lean body, a bushy tail, and erect ears. It has a variety of coat colours that include ginger, tan, black and white.

The word Dingo comes from the Dharawal language that is spoken in the coastal Sydney area.

The dingo can be found in a variety of habitats across Australia, from deserts to grasslands to forests. It can also be found in some parts of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The dingo is adaptable and can survive in harsh conditions.

Although the incidence of attacks on people is rare, dingoes are wild animals and must be treated with respect. Follow these steps to be dingo-safe:

  • NEVER feed dingoes.

  • Always stay within arms reach of children, even small teenagers.

  • Walk in groups and carry a stick.

  • Do not run. Running or jogging can trigger a negative dingo interaction.

  • Camp in a fenced area when possible.

  • Secure all food, rubbish, fish and bait.

  • Never store food or food containers in tents.

  • No food to lakeshores.